Home is where you park it..

It doesn't look like much at the moment but it has a lot of potential - watch this space!

It doesn’t look like much at the moment but it has a lot of potential – watch this space!

I have a new van! A Hyundai iLoad. New adventures are on the horizon. To make this dream a reality though, the van needs to be kitted out. I chose this van over the more popular VW Transporter van purely because I got more for my hard-earned money. It was a year old but sat on the forecourt doing nothing so had only done 35 miles. It comes with 4 years warranty. Looking at VW for the same money I wouldn’t get anywhere near that. It also has two sliding doors on the sides which means it doesn’t matter if we’re driving on the left or right side of the road and stop or worry about which way we park up to camp, I can always get in and out of the back easily.

Buying an iLoad does mean that I need to be a little more vigilant when it comes to finding items to kit it out with. Accessories are far and few between which means I need to either get custom-made bits or make them myself. The van was bought as a regular panel van with ply in the back and that was it. I need the van to commute in to and from work so I don’t want to add built-in cupboards but I do want the following:

  1. Remove the bulkhead between the cab and the rear which enables access in the rain a lot more manageable!
  2. Add windows to the side doors
  3. Sound and temperature insulation, between the outside and ply
  4. Carpet lining and Altro flooring
  5. LED lights on the roof with a switch and speakers in the rear
  6. Detachable roof cargo netting
  7. Full-width rock and roll bed with seat belts.
  8. Under seat storage
  9. Drive-away awning
  10. Alloy wheels (just for looks!)

So since April 2015 I’ve got to 7 on the list.Windows in!

1 & 2. Bulkhead removed and windows in – these were done fairly soon on. It’s a lot easier to see when manoeuvring the van now but make sure that if you want to do this, plan to insulate and carpet-line the rear soon after – it’s really noisy otherwise! The bulkhead took some work to remove as it isn’t just bolted to the van but pop-riveted too. This took a grinder but it came off fairly easily after that. The windows were done professionally as I wanted to ensure that it looked right. They were bonded in a hot room for 2 days to ensure they were sealed properly. I chose tinted ones to match the barn doors at the rear of the van.

3-5. Sound and temperature insulation between the outside and ply, carpet lining and Altro flooring LED lights on the roof with a switch and speakers in the rear – I decided to take the easy route by getting this done professionally. I contacted Nick at BaseCampers.com who quoted me a good price to get all of these done. I even got given colour swatches to choose my flooring and carpet lining from! All-in-all, they did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier.

6. Detachable roof cargo netting – Once getting the van back from Base Campers, I then fixed marine stainless steel loops to the ceiling to attach a cargo net to it with carabiners. I bought an elasticated net from Amazon only to discover that if anything was to stored in it of any weight (even just a pillow), it sagged considerably which meant that it was useless. I then went back online trying to find something better suited for its purpose and couldn’t find anything. I then got the idea to make my own netting out of paracord. This allowed me to make them a specific size and also choose the colours of the net too. I bought paracord from Wild Elk on Amazon. I followed the video below (a bit amateur but certainly served its purpose) and hey presto! done!

Here’s the finished article:

Ceiling netting

Next step: Rock and Roll bed! Watch this space!


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