Winter has been and gone.

With regards to surf, this winter has been a mixed bag really. There have been moments when the surf has been epic but sadly there have been a few reoccurring factors preventing this from happening more frequently. The wind has been coming predominantly from the North-West. As you probably know if you surf in the South West of England, Nor’ Wester’s are also known as the Devil’s wind because of the cold air it brings, along with onshore conditions for the majority of spots around our beloved coastline.

Looking back, those epic times were still rather good. The conditions were just right for a few lesser-known corners to light up and fire which certainly brought a smile to my face and a few other lucky individuals. Sadly, I have not been capturing as much of the surf as I should’ve done but here are a few snaps that I managed to take before excitedly doing the Superman trick of changing in half a second into my suit and getting down to business. Bring on Winter 2015/16!


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