[EUROTRIP] Day 4-7: Bavaria & Austria


I have now reached the conclusion that Germany is one of the many “hidden treasures” that Europe has to offer. Normally, I wouldn’t have even considered going to a landlocked (well, more or less) country due to my addiction with the ocean, but considering the circumstances, it seemed like the best idea.

The weather wasn’t kind to us in Bavaria. From the moment we arrived, we were met with rain and clouds until the moment we left. Despite this, we still had an unforgettable time.

Camping Hopfensee is a large campsite where the majority of pitches are occupied by semi-permanent caravan/awning setups. We were one of maybe three British pitches on the site which made it all the more fun. The German/Austrian/Italian/Dutch people who occupied the spaces around our pitch could not have been more friendly; we were greeted with friendly chit-chat and were smiled at by everyone.

The campsite is a 5* rated location and is so for a very good reason. The facilities are fantastic – close to the beautiful Lake Hopfensee, an amazing indoor health centre with good pool and treatments, and amazing showers and facilities. Given the fact that the site is open all year round, the facilities are perfect for their customers keeping warm on a snowy winter’s day.

When checking in, we were given a “Füssen Card” which allows the holder to use public transport in the local area for free along with discounted prices for a variety of attractions and restaurants nearby. Füssen is dubbed the highest town in Germany. Situated on the foothills of the Austrian Alps, it has beautiful views and countryside to explore around it.

Despite the poor weather, we used our Füssen Cards to go into the town have a look around. The town itself is very pretty; cobbled narrow streets, traditional shops and restaurants on every corner and lots of opportunity to people watch. We found that there are two famous Bavarian castles close to the town; Castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau both built by Ludwig II in his lifetime. Castle Neuschwanstein is particularly famous for being the inspiration behind the Disney castle and the company’s logo.

Having spent a fantastic couple of days here in the area, it was then time to continue our travels to Lake Como, Italy for a friend’s wedding. Our aim to was to travel along the Brenner Pass in Austria, past Milan and then to Como where we have a pitch booked in a Lakeside Campsite.

Unfortunately, the journey across Austria took us a little longer due to an issue on one of the motorways. An amazingly beautiful detour along a glacial river was navigated with caution in the van and we finally arrived in Italy 8 hours later.


Unplanned routes are sometimes the most rewarding – view from road along glacial river in Austrian Alps

Next blog entry will be in a few days time.


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